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2012年 10月
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男子与公司 火劫持女…
10/05 14:08
Debt Manag…
10/05 01:16
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男子与公司 火劫持女工_新中心_新浪

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Yesterday 12:20 Xu,Louboutin, the Daxing District HUANGCUN wolf Village of club One warehouse fire,moncler femme, firefighters arrived at the scene found a man armed with a long knife hijacked one of the hostages,Payday Advance Without Faxing - The Best Way To Fulfill Your, fire extinguishing blocked.

Currently, the Daxing Police suspect Hwang is under further investigation.

Yesterday,abercrombie pas cher, the reporter learned from the Daxing Police, the Daxing District HUANGCUN wolf Village of former employees of a company Hwang because of a labor dispute with the companys boss, then hijacked the company one worker threatened retaliation.

A few minutes later,chaussures louboutin, the police rushed to the scene and began negotiations with the hostage-taking men. Subsequently, a number of hand-held anti-riot gun special police also rushed to the scene,, and began to send a representative with the hostage-taking men to confrontation and negotiation. 20 minutes later, the man was finally put down the long knives without a fight.

After more than four hours of fighting the Xihongmen,moncler sito ufficiale, biological medicine base,louboutin, high Midian and dahongmen of four fire squadron,air jordan, the fire was eventually extinguished. Ignited logistics warehouse burned area of about 4,000 square meters.

(Reporter Wang Yuanyuan) Hwang due to labor disputes and worked for the company boss, then hijacked the company of a female worker threat revenge. Daxing Police today confirmed that Hwang has been under criminal detention.

Witnesses said a man wearing a light-colored sweater suddenly ignited gasoline logistics warehouse, then they hand a long knife hijacked a female worker,abercrombie fitch,Bad Debt Unsecured Loans Hassle Free Funds To Support Your Monetary Needs Artic, dressed in a red coat, women workers are scared crying.

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